Bank St

This was painted in the fall of 2015…..winter was approaching and I was unemployed.  I was thinking of leaving Cape Cod and eventually did.  Packed up my car and drove down the east coast and across country, ending in Arizona for the winter.

I thought of Bank Street so much while I was gone.  I missed it and wondered why I left.  I missed the ocean, and the winter while I basked in the sun and the beautiful weather of the desert.

Thought of all the times I went to this beach and sat there with my mind quiet watching the magnificent ocean. I didn’t know how much I loved this place until I left.

When I got back to Cape Cod in the Spring…..I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the landscape……and the constant change of it from sunrise to sunset.  The earth is so beautiful it amazes me.

12″ x 8.5″ Oil on Masonite1. Bank St

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