Quabbin 3

So many times the way I feel when I go out to paint has an impact on the end product. I can look at some paintings and remember the struggle I felt with myself.  This element definitely adds qualities to the painting. With the three Quabbin paintings…..creating each one presented a different anxiety for me.

8′ x 10′ Oil on Canvas 2015

Quabbin 3

Conant Brook

I never know what the painting will look like until the end of this process and I am always surprised.  I take away from this experience a painting and a memory of the day, of the heat, and the two friends who I painted with. The blues, greens, purples, yellows of the sky and grasses. The water and the distance across the rolling land.  How far away from me this small section of landscape is.  This process creates in me a feeling of joy. To move the oil paint across the canvas with a brush is joy. The colors of nature…composing the image. I look at the paintings whether years, months or days after with a longing to be back in that moment.

Oil on canvas 5″ x 7″ 2016conant-brook

P-Town Beach

Oil on masonite  8″ x 11″ 2015……This was a gorgeous cold day!  A landscape of the dunes. The smoothness of the mounds of sand was so sensual. The softness of the sand flowing across the surface of my hands and the random vegetation……some grassy, some thorny. Always the colors of the land and sky are so inviting and beautiful. Standing in this place created an immediate feeling in me.  I knew right away that this place would translate to a painting.023


Standing high above North Truro painting. My heart is fully invested in this moment. I am moved by the beauty of the land as always and also the significance of the row of cottages. So much variety in the land….with the grasses, roads, water, sky and the light changing.  This moment was poetry.

Oil on canvas 8″ x 10″ 2015015


This painting came about only after I labored over this view on another canvas for a long time. After awhile I took a break and wiped the canvas clean. Picked up a new prepared piece of paper and with the colors already mixed quickly painted what you see here.  The blues and greys in nature that day were unsettling to me because there was not much of any other color in sight.  Each of the 3 Quabbin paintings on this site reflect the blue, blue day.

Oil on paper 5″ x 8.5″ 2015quabbin